School Days 1940 -1955


A 1929 Public School Principle Charge to an eighth grade graduating class

Nip and Tuck - My first grade reader

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Some Reflection on Childhood days.

 The schooling era of my generation encompassed the 40's and 50's of the last great century.  School segregation  was still very much the norm, and in the early days of this period, the second  of many wars to end all wars was underway with the Nuclear age about to dawn.

I did not know it then, in 1941,  but the world was changing drastically for the millions in Europe, and was about to change for all of us in the United States. Even as I was going through my personal  trauma of being enrolled in Kindergarten, that Autumn, London was already  being bombed by Germany and the planning was underway for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor which would occur as my sixth year of life had barely begun. The reality of the horrors that mankind can inflict on each other was mercifully unknown to me at this time. Before the end of these decades, however, I would be quite educated, to that reality,  and my higher education on this subject has continued to the present.

School days then were quite different from when our parents lived their own similar period but probably not  nearly as  different as they appear to be now. I cannot speak first hand of that and intend here only  to recapture some of my memories and feelings of that time.  This was the time of the two media Golden ages . The Golden age of Radio and the Golden Age of Television.

Although I did not know it at the time , my wife to be, would enter her own kindergarten one year later, at a different school but only a few blocks away and both within sight of the Twin Spires of Churchill Downs.



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