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Linville Falls -- Blue Ridge Mountains

Halloween 1991

Kentucky Birds and other things


Charlottesville VA

Peggy's Garden

Coosa River Barred Owls


Memories of the Blueridge

A Few of My Favorite Things

Flying Squirrel Story


Sunrise at Kill Devil  Hills

Lois and Atha

How to Eat a Bug


Chasing Rainbows

Danny Sings Camp Town Races

A Night at the Feeder




Holiday Greetings

50th Wedding Anniversary

The Birds and the Bees


Celebrity Passings

In Memoriam

Keystone Critters



Who Stole the Apples

2004 Remembrances

Empty Nest


Trick or Treat

Farewells 2003

Nature Horror Story


One small spot in the Universe

Backyard Wildlife Review 2006

Squirrel Talk


 The Barred Owl and the Fish

Robin Story from Start to Finish

Grackles and Bluejays



Christmas Greetings 2007



A Day at the Birdbath


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Wildlife visiting our Louisville Kentucky Backyard

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